SHAPE: how to deliver high quality ACT supervision

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March 8th and 30th 2024, 2pm EST


Live webinar in English only


Supervision is a key component in delivering Acceptance and Commitment Therapy safely and effectively. Whether working in a supervisor-supervisee relationship or with peers, supervision supports practitioners to develop their ACT competencies, constructively review their work, and to reflect on the experiences that arise from helping others.


In this webinar Eric and Linda will present the SHAPE supervision framework (Morris & Bilich-Eric, 2017), that draws upon ACT and contextual behavioural science, to build supervisee psychological flexibility and learning based on contemporary behavioural principles. Contemporary supervision models emphasise experiential learning and feedback processes, the development of reflective practice, in the context of supportive supervisory relationships.

The SHAPE framework identifies five features of contextual supervision: Supervision values; Holding stories lightly; Assessment of function; Perspective-taking; Experiential methods. SHAPE is designed to create supervision experiences that promote openness to experience, self-compassion, functional analysis, constructive feedback, and accountability.

Eric and Linda will describe how the SHAPE components support the development of ACT competencies, through experiential learning and functional analysis, and demonstrate how SHAPE can be used in supervision meetings. They will utilise experiential demonstrations, role-plays and didactic presentation to engage webinar participants in learning how to promote psychological flexibility in supervision.


  1. Familiarize with a framework for enhancing functional and experiential learning in supervision. 
  2. Enhance supervision meetings using values, flexible perspective taking and experiential methods. 
  3. Develop tips on how to use SHAPE in challenging situations in supervision.

Méthodes Pédagogiques

  • Experiential demonstrations, role-plays, didactic presentation. 
  • In preparation to the workshop, the article below is recommended:

    Morris & Bilich-Eric (2017). A Framework to Support Experiential Learning and Psychological Flexibility in Supervision: SHAPE. Australian Psychologist, 52. 104–113.

Sujets de l'activité

Common factors (suggestion, psychotherapist attitudes, framework, client expectations, relationship quality and communication abilities)


  • To be familiar with basic knowledge of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) 
  • To desire or already have a clinical supervision practice.

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